Homeopathy is in use in all parts of the world for more than 200 years and has been proved safe beyond doubt.

Respiratory Illnesses

Respiratory illnesses are one of the most common forms of ill health globally.

Music Therapy

Experience the healing powers of Sound & Music!

Dr. Upasani's Research for Respiratory Disorders.

Dr Shrirang Upasani is a graduate in Homeopathy from the University of Pune, India. He is practising Homeopathy since 18 years in Pune and Mumbai. He is recognized specially for his interest in research of treatments in Respiratory illnesses like Allergy, Rhinitis, Bronchitis, Allergic Bronchitis (Asthma), Hay Fever, Influenza. Several patients go to him for asthma treatment and allergy treatment in Pune.

Dr.Upasani has successfully treated hundreds of patients of Chronic Respiratory conditions and has clinics in Mumbai and Pune.

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Homoeopathy for Respiratory disorders.

Treatment of Allergy. Treatment of Asthma.

Our research-based homeopathic treatment has shown highly effective and safe results in the treatment of a wide range of allergies and respiratory disorders including asthma, hay fever, bronchitis, common cold, etc.

Our Homeopathy Research

Over the last 10 years, Dr.Upasani has successfully treated hundreds of patients with Chronic Respiratory conditions. With his extensive research he has developed a very individual-friendly way of collecting data and choosing the correct remedies for patients suffering from Allergies, Bronchitis, Hay fever etc., and has improved the quality of life of many patients.

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Gopal Gupta, Delhi

We are giving treatment of Down's syndrome to Gopal from Dr. Oswal from Pune. There in the same center we started taking treatment for his Asthma from Dr.Upasani, Dr. Oswal's son in law. Now after almost more than 3 years we would say he is more than 70% better. But still needs some allopathic medicines once in a while.

Age: 10 years

Vedika Pimpalkar

I have been giving Dr.Upasani's Homoeopathic Medicines to Vedika now almost since 2 yrs. I am really very happy to see lot of improvement in her frequent bouts of cold and cough and fever. Now she hardly gets cold cough with fever.

Age: 4.5 years
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Experience the healing powers of Sound & Music!

Dr. Upasani uses music for therapy in a holistic manner. This includes using raagas at appropriate times (morning, afternoon, evening etc) in specific manner which is therapy based to bring about healing. He also uses raagas to treat imbalance of Tridoshas integrating music therapy with Ayurveda according to principles outlined in the Sangita Ratnakara composed by Sharangdeva in the 13th century.

Pune Center of Homoeopathy

Pune Center of Homoeopathy is Dr. Upasani’s primary clinic in Pune. Here he specializes on treatments and research of respiratory illnesses.


Dr. Upasani does research and treats children with neurological conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome, etc together with Dr. Pooja Upasani and Dr. Oswal.

Dr.Valkal’s Clinic, Mumbai

Every Wednesdays Dr. Upasani sits in Dr. Valkal’s clinic in Vile Parle East Mumbai. Here he specializes on treatments and research of respiratory illnesses.

Pune Center of Homoeopathy

1/18 Nivedita Gardens, N.I.B.M. Road,Opp. Amba Vatika, Kondhwa (Khurd) Pune- 411048, Maharashtra,India



Center for Life Sciences, Health and Medicine, Pune

Center for Life Sciences, Health & Medicine, Clover Pinnacle Ridge, Opp Clover Highland, Near N.I.B.M., Kondhwa, Pune - 411048, Maharashtra, India.

+91-7757071179, +91-8766995577


Dr.Valkal’s Clinic, Mumbai

Mulji Mistry Building , Ground floor, 1/B, V.S. Khandekar Marg, Near Parle Biscuit Factory main gate, Vile Parle ( East ), Mumbai - 400057, Maharashtra, India (only Wednesdays)

+91-22-26111174 / +91-9822002994

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