Winter is Here…..

Winter is Here…..

Woow winter is here!
We are already in December. A cool month ( pun intended️ ) . We all generally wait for this month. School children for their Christmas holidays & gifts from dear Santa, young generation for their new winter collections and fashion accessories for parties, grown ups for a break & new year parties.

Everyone is charged up for exercise, as everyone wants to look best in social parties, selfies. Early morning exercises, walk, jog are common sights this month.

I too am conscious about my health so I try and get up early & go for my exercises.
Two days ago with same enthusiasm I reached the Race Course for my early morning walk & jog.

Woow!!! It was a beautiful morning after a November rain (GNR fans anyone️) day. The lovely open space was blanketed in thick fog and everyone was enjoying their morning routine with a new excitement.

After finishing my routine I reached home and had a piping hot morning tea with news paper in my hand.
Oh oh , a front page news struck my eyes ‘ Beijing on SMOG ALERT, Delhi silently chokes’ . Of course you don’t like to read these kind of news on beautiful morning. But sadly that is the fact.
While jogging on the Race course I felt the same thing. What I was experiencing was not only fog but it was mixed with smoke, smoke of various polluting factors. But as we live in urban developed cities we have to face these kind of things.

Now how this Smog can affect us is the question in our mind. It’s very simple it aggravates our Allergies & Respiratory problems. So does it mean we should not exercise? No it’s not the solution, but yes if we already have Allergies, Asthma, bronchitis, hay fever we should avoid going out in smog. On those particular days you can exercise may be at home or in the gym. On other days you should again continue your routine.
The most importantly you need to build up your immune system with the help of healthy food, exercises & whenever required natural based medicines.

So don’t stop your routine but continue it wisely & enjoy this part of the year.

Welcome winter wisely!
​Live Winter Happily!

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