Precautions taken during Rainy season for Asthma & Allergies.

Precautions taken during Rainy season for Asthma & Allergies.

Most of the people loves monsoon season. Rainy season reminds us of lots of good memories of playing in rains, outings in nature, eating spicy & tasty food, drinking lots of hot soups, tea, coffee, being romantic & listening to romantic songs & many more.
But if you ask a patient of Allergy or Asthma he will narrate you the exact opposite story.
Yes!! Patients with Allergies & Asthma get aggravation during rainy season.

Continuous moisture which creates dampness in the houses or closed places can give rise to fungus, moulds (Filamentous Fungi) which can cause or aggravate the Allergy, which in turn can aggravate the Allergic Asthma in Patients.
So try to keep surrounding area dry & airy which will reduce the chances of aggravation.

During rains there is increase in number of pollens, which may lead to aggravation of allergy attacks.
Try & avoid exposing yourself to the areas which are known to have more pollen.

According to a study in USA, Vitamin D deficiency is also one of the contributing factors in aggravation of Asthmatic attacks. As we know we get less of sun light during rainy season which is one of the causes of less absorption of Vitamin D.
Here is the link on foxnews
Whenever you get sun light try to expose yourself at least for some time.
Also avoid using sunscreens if you are not sensitive to UV rays.

You can also take supplements.

The most important thing is to improve one’s immunity to avoid the Asthmatic & Allergic attacks.

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