Do you have kidney stones?

Do you have kidney stones?

Tring tring
Me- Hi Shreyas! How are you? Long time.
S..- Hey Doctor!
Me- Since when have you started calling me Doctor? All good?
S…- No ya , I am having severe pain on the right of my abdomen. I can’t bear it now. I am not able to pass urine as well. Help me please, please, please.

This is the conversation that I had with one of my dear friend with kidney stones.
We all may have seen or heard this kind of complaint from many with kidney stones. A kidney stone as small as a sugar crystal also can give rise to enormous pain which many people with stones may experience.

Kidneys filter waste from the blood & create Urine. But in some people salts & other minerals in the urine stick together to form stones.

There are mainly 4 types of stones & some rare types too. But Calcium stones are the commonest ones present in Patients.

Commonest triggering factors in patients with kidney stones of course are diet related, less water intake & some Medical conditions including Vitamin Deficiencies. You may get stone trouble if it runs in your family. In many it may happen for no good reason.

The pain of kidney stones can be severe, although some people feel no pain. You usually feel it in the back, sides of the trunk, lower abdomen etc. This shifting pain is caused by the stone passing from your kidney to the bladder, or from the bladder outwards.

Since many years Homeopathy is known to be a very good treatment option for Kidney stones.
Homeopathic Remedies are known to be very effective in getting the stones out of your system. There are some remedies known for crushing large sized stones into small pieces.

So next time if you come across anyone suffering from kidney stones, do consult a Homoeopath.

I, myself have treated hundreds of patients with kidney stones of various kinds with excellent results…….
Dr.Upasani Shrirang

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