Pandemic has changed the way humankind used to look at the life in general in all possible ways. It has affected both mental & physical levels of a human being. With the experience of treating hundreds of Covid positive patients during pandemic, I came acrossRead More »
Allergies  are the most commonest problems faced globally. According to researches done globally atleast 30% of the world population has faced these problems atleast once in there lifetime. Allergies are the exaggerated reaction of the immune system to any substance which are generally harmless. OnceRead More »
Asthma is commonly known  as  chronic inflammatory  disease of the airways.  There is generalised airways obstruction  which is in early stages reversible. There are 3 main factors which causes the obstruction : inflammation of the mucosa, increased mucous production, and bronchial muscle constriction    (bronchospasm).Read More »
Deviated Nasal Septum  is a commonest  disorder of the nose, involving a deviation or displacement or a of the nasal septum  { The nasal septum is the tissue between your nostrils which separates the left and right airways in the nose }. When you haveRead More »
Most of the people loves monsoon season. Rainy season reminds us of lots of good memories of playing in rains, outings in nature, eating spicy & tasty food, drinking lots of hot soups, tea, coffee, being romantic & listening to romantic songs & many more.Read More »
Summer the hottest time of the year, comes with all the fun and enjoyment, from reading and relaxing in front of the pool to going for camps, hikes and jogs. Summers are all about children enjoying their ice creams and adults slurping their margarita. WithRead More »
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