Are your kids dreading to go back to school after Vacations?

Are your kids dreading to go back to school after Vacations?

Going back to school after a long summer vacation seems so tedious. Let’s be realistic nobody likes going back to their daily monotonous routine and adhering to the strict weekly timetable. With the beginning of a new academic year makes all the good summer memories fade away. As the strict bed time and early morning wakeup calls are coming close and children are realizing that their leisure time will be replaced by homework and assignments it gives them anxiety and hatred towards school. A few more things that gives your child anxiety are new teachers, new class, new faces, etc. does your child squirm on the topic of school? As a parent it is a difficult task to understand and cooperate with you.

Talk to your child about why they are nervous about starting school again: ask your child if he is scared that he will struggle with upcoming school work or if he is anxious because he will have to participate in sports and other compulsory classes. Another issue of schools is bulling, your child might not open up to you but must be suffering and dreading school because he is bullied. Reminding your child of how he enjoyed the previous year and what challenges and experiences he will have in the coming year is something to look out for. You should also try to gradually install and set bed time so that they do not struggle after school reopens. Be organized before school reopens and arrange school book, pencils, uniforms etc. before the school year begins. Summer changing into monsoon causes different effects on your children like infectious diseases, extreme weather related conditions, heat stress, and respiratory disease. The World Health Organization estimates that more than 88% of the existing global burden of disease is caused due to climate change occur in children. So we need to deal not only the Emotional effects but also physical illnesses.

Get your child help and talk to him/her , if you find it difficult to communicate with your child bring him to our clinic and we through are methods of Homoeopathic and Bach flower treatment can help your child to reduce and slowly remove all his/her problems with patience and love.

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